Dikshita Awotarowa

Co-Founder and President of WIFIN

Dikshita Awotarowa is the Co-Founder and President of Women in Finance and Investment Network (WIFIN), a non-profit organization dedicated to giving women the opportunity to receive the highest level of professional education, build credibility, and tap into a global network to pursue a rewarding career in the Finance and Investment industry. As part of her role as President of WIFIN, she is responsible for strategic members/clients’ relationships, investment talent development, and diversity across the platform.


Dikshita currently works at the CGIA Institute, a professional body of Finance and Investment professionals, headquartered in New York – USA. She holds the position of a Financial Markets Research Analyst at the CGIA Africa Regional Operations Office located in Accra, Ghana. She is also the Financial Markets Analyst at FI Sense Media, an online news portal powered by the CGIA Institute. Her core duties entail researching potential leads in the finance and investment industry, coordinating activities between the Institute and Financial services companies in the region and communicating innovative ideas to promote the CGIA program, and engaging in investors meeting both locally and internationally. Prior to that, she has been a trainee in the Corporate Finance Department at IBL Ltd, Mauritius.


Dikshita has recently graduated from Curtin University with a first-class BCom in Finance (Honours). She also holds a BCom in Banking and Finance (Double major) from the university. She is currently pursuing the CGIA qualifications and has already cleared Level 1 and Level 2.


Aside from her passion for shaping a better place for women in the Finance and Investment industry, Dikshita is an ardent lover of dance, music, and arts. She is a trained Kathak dancer and holds a diploma in Performing Arts (Kathak) from the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Mauritius. She has also been involved in theatrical performances. Driven by a love for languages, Dikshita is fluent in English, French, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Mauritian Creole, and is currently learning Twi. She enjoys international travels, where South Africa, France, and Greece top her bucket list and good food from different cuisines across the globe.