Janvee Awotarowa

Country Representative (Mauritius)

Janvee Awotarowa is the Country Representative of Women in Finance and Investment Network (WIFIN) in Mauritius. She is responsible for the strategic leadership and direction of the network in Mauritius. She is responsible to formulate country strategy and Annual Operating Plan (AOP) development, quality program development, and implementation as well as building sustainable country operations.


Janvee currently holds a position in the Office of the President of Mauritius, Commission on the Prerogative of Mercy. She has previously completed her training at the Central Water Authority, in the Department of Finance and her internship at the Corporate and Business Registration Department (Mauritius).


Janvee earned a BSc. (Honours) in International Business Finance and is currently completing her MBA in Financial Services from the University of Mauritius. She is also pursuing the ACCA qualifications, where she already cleared Level 1. She has also earned the mastery of financial software such as R-Software, SPSS, Eviews, and Oracle.


Janvee has good Financial and Accounting knowledge. She is proactive and is focused on analytical problem-solving. In the future, she aspires to work on diversity and gender initiatives on corporate boards. In her free time, driven by her love for good food, she bakes and experiments with different cuisines. She also enjoys the great outdoors and music festivals.