A legacy building expert, Karen challenges her clients to think about every interaction having a positive, lasting impact.

Karen is a public speaker on women in leadership, self-belief, and living your legacy. She is part of the curation content team for Hong Kong’s TedxTinHauWomen events and is considered one of the leaders of the #metoo movement in Hong Kong having coordinated public events in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong.

In 2015, Karen co-founded {embrace} worldwide — developing a proprietary leadership model based on global leadership ideologies and scientifically proven principles of human behavior, positive psychology, and neuroscience.

With 25 years experience in marketing communications specializing in public relations, advertising, and media strategy – and with regional roles in both Europe and the Asia Pacific – she can truly claim to be a global executive having overseen nearly 50 countries. She has lived in Sydney, London, New York and is now based in Hong Kong.

Karen See

Legacy Expert, Leadership & Executive Coach, Co-founder {embrace} Worldwide- Hong Kong