It is no secret that recruiting and retaining talent is critical to an organization’s success. After all, an organization is only as strong as the collective talent of the people who work there, and a key part of recruiting and retaining great people is providing real learning opportunities to them, which facilitates their career growth.

In this webinar, we will explore and assess how HR Managers recruit and retain top talents.




Jessyca Joyekurun,
Founder & Managing Director, Expand Human Resources Ltd.



Our distinguished speaker is Jessyca Joyekurun, Founder & Managing Director at Expand Human Resources Ltd.

Jessyca is an Obama and Mandela Washington Fellow (2014), a Yale Business & Entrepreneurship executive course graduate, and an experienced HR and Employment Law professional. She has a solid demonstrated history of working in the Human Resources & Employment Law industry in Mauritius, East Africa and Madagascar for the past 12 years and 9 years as an entrepreneur.

She is skilled in Employee Mediation, HR Strategy, HR Audit, HR Consulting and Employee Relations. Strong Entrepreneurial skills and Employment law specialist while being HR savvy.


Date: September 9, 2021 @ 1: 00 PM GMT

Venue: Online