This Women in Finance and Investment Leadership Summit aims to inspire the next generation of women leaders in the finance and investment management industry by digging deeper into female leadership to achieve organisational goals. In conversation with various Leadership Experts across the globe, this Summit will dissect the need for female leadership, the challenges, and potential solutions in achieving such leadership.


Date: October 12, 2021

Venue: Online



For this year’s Women in Finance and Investment Leadership Summit, the Women in Finance and Investment Network is bringing together leadership experts across the world for stimulating conversations and discussions about leadership in a rapidly changing world.

The Women in Finance and Investment Leadership Summit 2021 brings together Executives and Managers in a range of roles across the financial services such as:

  • Superannuation / Financial
  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Planning
  • Societies
  • Credit Unions / Building
  • Investment
  • Wealth Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Mortgage Market
  • Consulting
  • Funds Management


Opening Remarks

Presentation about Women in Finance and Investment Network

Keynote Speech for the Summit

Presentation 1: Leading in Challenging times – How is female leadership key in achieving business goals?

Presentation 2: Challenges in realizing Diversity & Inclusion Goals – What should be done to achieve meaningful change for women in leadership

Presentation 3: New set of skills required in developing the careers of future female leaders

Presentation 4: Leveraging on Emotional Intelligence for a bigger leadership advantage

Presentation 5: The Six ‘I’s for measuring Innovation to achieve diversity & Inclusion at the workplace.

Q&A Session

Closing Remarks


Manisha Bhati

CEO & Co-Founder of Dreamhunt India
Entrepreneur & Leardership Expert

Stacey Ashley

Leadership Expert, Speaker, Author, Coach, Consultant- Australia

Karen See

Legacy Expert, Leadership & Executive Coach, Co-founder {embrace} Worldwide- Hong Kong

Tauja Wiklund

Entrepreneur, Resilience & Emotional Intelligence- Finland

Amy McCae

Leadership Expert

Senela Jayasuriya

2018 Women Icons Asia Awards,Founder & CEO Women Empowered Global, Leadership Expert & Innovation Coach