Building Bridges: Gender Lens Investing

Gender, Equity & Financial Inclusion Known globally, there’s an under-representation of women across multiple sectors, and more so, in the financial services industry.   How has the representation of women in significant strategic roles changed over the last 20 years? Do we advance in certain areas but not others? Does geography affect progress? Where has [...]

What do we understand by structured finance?

Structured finance includes all activities intended to provide financing to economic actors by reducing their exposure to risk using complex and structured credits.   Structured finance uses different techniques. Among the most important is securitization.   Securitization consists of transforming illiquid assets (mortgages, consumer loans, etc.) into easily exchangeable financial securities such as bonds. They [...]

A Woman’s Guide to Better Prospects and an Improved Life

As a rough calculation, the average person works 92,120 hours over a lifetime. Imagine, as a woman, working all those hours in jobs you dislike or those in which you feel you're not appreciated. The thing is, you don't have to do that. You can improve your life and prospects in several ways.     [...]

Women in Finance and Investment Network signs a landmark MoU with the Nobel international Business School

The signing ceremony was held on December 2, 2021, with representatives of both institutions expressing their appreciation and reiterating their commitment to raising highly ethical women professionals in the finance and investment management industry.

Winnie Khattar joins the Global Advisory Board of WIFIN

We are thrilled to bits to announce the confirmation of Winnie Khattar’s appointment as a Global Advisory Board Member of this prestigious network. She comes on board as a unique professional leader with distinct experiential qualities.   WIFIN is a non-profit organization designed to accelerate the career progression of women in the finance & investment […]

Small Businesses Owners: Here’s How to Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow

Running a small business is hard work. One aspect of maintaining your company’s success is staying on top of your cash flow. But what exactly is cash flow and how can small business owners maintain a healthy one? Here’s a primer courtesy of WIFIN, a non-profit organization committed to bridging the generational gap for women […]