A Woman’s Guide to Better Prospects and an Improved Life

As a rough calculation, the average person works 92,120 hours over a lifetime. Imagine, as a woman, working all those hours in jobs you dislike or those in which you feel you’re not appreciated. The thing is, you don’t have to do that. You can improve your life and prospects in several ways.



Time for a Career Change

If you’re stuck in a job that just isn’t for you, but you have no idea what to do next or where to start, here are some tips to help you on your way.

  • Your current skill set. You likely have many transferable skills. Write them down, and don’t forget to include those you’re adept at but haven’t had the opportunity to use in your current role.
  • Fill in the gaps. There are specific things you need to learn when changing your career. Note those of high priority, and consider taking online courses that meet your particular needs.
  • Stay in touch with people you meet, such as at work or during courses you take. You may need their advice further down the line.
  • Consider your passions. Doing a job you’re passionate about can sometimes mean taking a pay cut, but it can improve your happiness and overall health if you can afford to do it.
  • Update your resume. Create a stellar-looking resume that features your accomplishments, experience, and skills. You can utilize free resume templates which can be adapted with your own copy, font, photos, and background.


Gaining a Promotion

If you feel you need more responsibility, a greater challenge, and a higher salary, here are some steps to take to gain a promotion.

  • Give your boss a rest. If you’re familiar with most of your boss’s responsibilities, you can reinforce yourself as a team player by taking some of those tasks off his shoulders while he’s away or out of the office.
  • Enhance your communication skills. Promotion typically means more responsibility. You may need to improve your communication skills to help you deal with a more diverse range of people.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Tell your boss you want a promotion. They can help you improve your capabilities and keep you in mind when a desirable role becomes available.
  • Money talks. Developing ways your company can save money draws positive attention to you and can help justify promotion and the pay rise that comes with it.


Starting a Business

Suppose you prefer to improve your happiness and prospects by starting a business. In that case, you need essential business skills, such as leadership and financial management.

Forming an LLC is one way of starting on your own. Not only does this business entity offer limited liability and tax advantages, but you have less paperwork to deal with and more flexibility. Check the rules and procedures in your state before forming an LLC, as not all states have the same regulations.


Own Your Life

Taking the plunge and changing careers can be scary as can asking your boss for a promotion or starting a business. But with adequate thought and planning, you can improve both your prospects. It’s your life, after all, so own it.


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 Author: Elena Stewart (USA)