“Passion for learning and doing the best that you can will fuel your motivation throughout your career.” – Ekta Nathoo

The WIFIN spotlight series is designed to motivate and inspire the next generation of emerging finance and investment female leaders and provide a platform for them to meet and network with their peers, role models and industry professionals.


This week, WIFIN is featuring Ekta Nathoo – Senior Accountant at Flinders Financial, Australia. She is also part of the WIFIN Global Team as Country Representative for Australia. Passionate about Accounting, Finance and Business, Ekta shares with us her journey in achieving her goals.


Back in the days when you were still a student, did you aspire to be a financial professional in the future? If yes, what was your motivation or what nurtured such an ambition?


As a student, I always knew that I had a passion for accounting and finance and as such this led me to pursue this field from an early age. My dad was also an accountant, and I had the privilege to learn all the basics of accounting which had further fuelled my ambition to be a Chartered Accountant.


How has been your journey so far as a working woman in the Finance and Accounting industry in Australia?


It’s been 5 years since I started as a graduate accountant. It has been an incredible journey with both ups and downs. As a woman, I quickly learnt the hard way that self-confidence played a key role in navigating the workplace. It didn’t matter how much knowledge I had if I did not also possess the confidence to communicate my thoughts and ideas. Another aspect was also striving to maintain the work-life balance which is crucial as this also translates into being happier and more productive at work.


As a young woman working in the Finance sector, would you share with us any tips on how you keep your competitive edge to stay on top of your professional game?


The foundation of it all lies in continuous learning and self-development. It is usually believed that once we complete university and any postgraduate study, that is the end of studies. However, it is important to invest in our learning in order to consistently adapt to new technology and evolving accounting and finance practices. Our soft skills such as the ability to work with people from various backgrounds, acting as a mentor and having a team-based approach all add to our personal brand.


Post pandemic, what will be your 2021 mantra to keep you motivated, both professionally and personally?


Post pandemic, the work culture seems to have shifted towards offering employees greater flexibility such as working from home. This arrangement gives professionals the opportunity to save on travelling time and to keep blocks of time free from distraction which also leads to increased productivity. Going through the whole pandemic has also made me realise how life can be short and whichever career we choose to pursue needs to contribute to our overall happiness. We end up spending more time at work as compared to our own family and friends.


What advice would you like to give to the younger generation of females aspiring to be woman leaders in the finance and investment industry?


Always believe in yourself and never change who you are as a person in order to fit into a specific box. Passion for learning and doing the best that you can fuel your motivation throughout your career. There will be hard days at work, but this will act as a stepping stone for your own personal growth and strengthen your resilience. Remember that each individual’s journey is different and it’s time to start yours J


Disclaimer: *Ekta’s views are her own and do not represent the views of her employer.


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WIFIN Spotlight Series 2021